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Mushroom Rise: Your Trusted Source for High-Quality, Scientifically-Backed Mushroom Extracts

At Mushroom Rise, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality functional mushroom extracts, backed by rigorous scientific research and stringent quality control measures. Our mission is to unlock the incredible potential of these ancient superfoods, ensuring that you can confidently incorporate them into your wellness routine.

Why Choose Mushroom Rise?

  1. Cutting-Edge Extraction Methods We employ state-of-the-art extraction techniques, including hot water and alcohol extraction, to ensure that the full spectrum of beneficial compounds is captured in our extracts. Our methods are constantly updated to align with the latest scientific findings, guaranteeing that you receive the most potent and effective mushroom extracts available.
  2. Organic and Contaminant-Free All of our mushrooms are sourced from 100% organic growers, ensuring that you receive a pure and safe product. We conduct thorough third-party testing to verify that our extracts are free from heavy metals and other contaminants, giving you peace of mind with every dose.
  3. Transparency and Third-Party Analysis We believe in complete transparency, which is why we provide detailed certificates of analysis for each of our mushroom extracts. These analyses, conducted by independent third-party laboratories, confirm the presence and concentration of active compounds, such as beta-glucans, terpenoids, and erinacines, ensuring that you receive a product that delivers on its promise.
  4. Convenient and Precise Dosing Our mushroom extracts are encapsulated in easy-to-take, 450mg doses, allowing you to tailor your intake to your specific needs. This precise dosing eliminates the guesswork and ensures that you consistently receive the optimal amount of beneficial compounds.
  5. Expert Guidance and Support Our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to guide you on your wellness journey. We are dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your health. Whether you're seeking cognitive support with Lion's Mane or immune support with Turkey Tail, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Experience the Mushroom Rise Difference

At Mushroom Rise, we are passionate about harnessing the power of functional mushrooms to support your health and well-being. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and scientific integrity sets us apart, ensuring that you can trust in the efficacy and safety of our products.

Invest in your health today with Mushroom Rise, and discover the transformative potential of these ancient superfoods. Shop our collection of premium mushroom extracts, and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential.

Extraction Method

Mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for their various health benefits. Different extraction methods are used to obtain the bioactive compounds from mushrooms, depending on the specific compounds targeted and the unique characteristics of each mushroom species. This article will explain the different extraction methods and their benefits, and address some common questions about our mushroom products.

1. Water Extraction

Water extraction is commonly used to extract water-soluble compounds such as polysaccharides (e.g., beta-glucans), glycoproteins, and certain antioxidants. This method is particularly effective for mushrooms rich in these water-soluble compounds, such as Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake.

Benefits of water extraction:

- Preserves the delicate structure of polysaccharides and proteins
- Environmentally friendly and safe
- Suitable for extracting compounds with immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties

2. Alcohol (Ethanol/Methanol) Extraction

Alcohol extraction is used to extract compounds that are less soluble in water, such as triterpenoids, sterols, and certain antioxidant compounds like polyphenols. This method is commonly used for mushrooms like lion's mane mycelium, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps, which are rich in these alcohol-soluble compounds.

Benefits of alcohol extraction:

- Effective for extracting lipophilic (fat-soluble) compounds
- Can extract a wider range of bioactive compounds compared to water extraction alone
- Preserves the integrity of certain compounds that may degrade in water

3. Dual Extraction (Water and Alcohol)

In some cases, a dual extraction process is employed, where both water and alcohol are used sequentially. This method is particularly useful for mushrooms that contain a diverse range of bioactive compounds with varying solubilities.

Benefits of dual extraction:

- Maximizes the extraction of a broad spectrum of compounds
- Captures both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble bioactive components
- Provides a more comprehensive extraction of the mushroom's beneficial constituents

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you use capsules and not sell in bulk?

In order to facilitate a consistent dose and prevent taking too much or too little, each capsule contains 450mg of extracted mushroom. This makes it easy to control and monitor your intake.

2. Is the product organic?

Yes, all our mushrooms are sourced from 100% organic sources. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality mushroom extracts.

3. How much actual mushroom is in each capsule?

Each capsule contains 450mg of extracted mushroom.

4. Why is beta-glucan listed in the ingredients?

Beta-glucan is one of the key beneficial compounds found in mushrooms. Unlike many other brands that simply dry, shred, and encapsulate mushrooms, we use specialized extraction processes to ensure that the active ingredients, such as beta-glucans, terpenoids, and erinacines, are present in our products. This allows you to fully benefit from the medicinal properties of the mushrooms.

5. Where are your mushrooms grown?

Our mushrooms are grown in locations that produce the highest quality mushrooms. We prioritize organic sources and conduct third-party tests to ensure the absence of heavy metals and the presence of the correct amounts of beneficial compounds. Asia has a long history of mushroom medicine, and its expertise and diversity in quality mushrooms make it a natural choice for sourcing. However, we are open to sourcing from any location that meets our stringent quality standards.

6. What is the expiry date?

The expiry date of our mushroom extracts is one and a half years after production.

7. Can I store the capsules in the refrigerator?

While you can store the mushroom capsules in the refrigerator in an airtight bag, it is not necessary and may cause the mushrooms to dry out faster. It is preferable to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

8. What is mycelium, and why is it better than the mushroom fruit for lion's mane?

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a network of fine, thread-like structures. In most cases, we only use the fruiting body of the mushroom and discard the mycelium because it doesn't contain the desired active ingredients. However, in the case of lion's mane, the mycelium contains a higher concentration of erinacines, which are compounds that can cross the blood-brain barrier and help alleviate Alzheimer's symptoms and improve cognitive function.

9. How does your product compare to other brands?

We constantly update our extraction methods to align with the latest scientific research, ensuring that you always consume the best available mushroom extracts. Unlike many companies that sell dried, encapsulated mushrooms, we use specialized extraction processes to guarantee the presence of active compounds in our products. Additionally, we provide third-party analysis certificates, which most other companies do not offer, so you can be confident about the quality and potency of the extracts you consume.

 10. Which mushroom is best for me?

The choice between Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail mushrooms depends on your specific health goals:

Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus)

- Supports cognitive function, focus, and memory
- May promote nerve health and repair
- Potential benefits for reducing anxiety and depression

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)

- Supports immune function
- May benefit digestive health due to its prebiotic content
- Has been studied as a potential adjunct to cancer treatment, particularly for boosting the immune system during chemotherapy

When choosing a mushroom supplement, consider the quality of the product and ensure it aligns with your personal health goals. Our certified organic mushroom extracts are rigorously tested for active ingredients, and the certificates of analysis are available on our website.