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Our Mission at
Mushroom Rise


100% USDA organic mushroom extract, manufactured to the highest standards right here in Florida USA.


Together, let's explore the boundless possibilities that nature's hidden gems offer, and pave the way for a healthier, more vibrant life.


we are dedicated to illuminating the path to wellness through the scientific exploration of functional mushrooms.

Welcome to the
Mushroom Rise Podcast

Join us on an enlightening voyage with the Mushroom Rise Podcast, the authoritative channel of the Mushroom Rise community. Our focal point is to host enriching interviews with esteemed researchers and specialists in the field of mycology. Together, we'll navigate the captivating realm of functional mushrooms, ensuring you are at the forefront of validated research, unparalleled expertise, and the profound tales of these remarkable bastions of health and wellness.

Unveiling Nature's Bioactive Potentials

Mushroom Rise Product

Delve into our scientifically curated assortment of mushroom extract, meticulously selected to integrate the most beneficial bioactive compounds for optimal health and wellness

Lion’s Mane

Organic mycelium mushroom extract

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Turkey Tail

Organic fruiting body mushroom extract

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